Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ronda Rousey UFC soon?

Ronda Rousey
If there is one thing that Dana White can not ignore is that Ronda Rousey is a terrible fighter in the cage and a star on the outside.

The former Olympic judo champion of all known public and even posed (nude) for the now famous cover of ESPN magazine.

At the premiere of Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy, Dana White, who was present could see himself how she stole the spotlight from the actors on the red carpet!

The UFC president knows she is a fighter and engineering, in addition, the fans would kill just to get an autograph or a photo with him. It looked as if a day of fighting feminine place in the octagon, it will be the headliner ...

"I am convinced Ronda Rousey would bring only positive in the UFC." said.

Obviously, the only reason that Mr. White is still grieves that there is not enough to create a major combatants complete division in the UFC. But it would still be interested in the idea of ​​organizing a super-fight between Ronda Rousey and former Strikeforce champion: Cris "Cyborg" Santos.

So, if time does its work and that Dana White wants always Rousey could become Miss LA fighter who has revolutionized the history by bringing for the first time a meeting of women in the Octagon's most famous MMA ...
Ronda Rousey UFC

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