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  1. Ronda, even though you lost the fight to Ms. Holm you should not feel bad about it. There is no such thing as the best whatever in the world, because there is always someone better. You are still adored by most even though your head got too big. Your defeat was a lesson in humility and respect. You are still number one in my heart and the heart of most others on the planet. Pick yourself up, stay strong and be confident. We are still with you.

  2. Ms. Rousey, writing to celebrities is not something I do, but after reading some of the articles recently, felt that maybe a vote of confidence from a fellow black belt was in order. I have been following your career and you seem like a good person, not to mention a great athlete. Young girls today need strong roll models like you, so please don't let one episode define who you are. Get "Rowdy" Ronda and protect that smile!

  3. Ms.Rousey, I don't think I've ever written an athlete such as yourself, I grw up as the son of a University of Texas football coach who ended up through disease (no fault of his own) killed my Mother) so I've distanced myself from his name (though he's dead now) and I have two kids and 4 grand kids who love watching you (and so do I ) I was wondering if I could get an autographed picture of you I could send to them. My son's name is Michael, I call'em Michael and Clan. They are the world to me. I have a heart condition, epilepsy and some other problems, I probably won't be here come voting time. If you can't I'll understand but if you can? my address is 1067 lookingglass rd #11, Roseburg, Oregon 97471, lemme know if there's any costs....Nathan B Simmons,...Love your fights, you're the best period.